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Winter Wood 6.50/0.50 228.6

Aroma Original is a universal luxury vinyl collection designed for every occasion. 13 high standard decors for different customer needs. A robust, stable, and extremely resistant flooring. Inserted in the family of rigid vinyl floors, it presents a multilayered construction having at it’s core a SPC - Stone Plastic Composite nature. Aroma Original, with prime dimensions and standards of excellence.

Acoustic backlayer

Line: Aroma Original

Reference: PVV0067

Designation: Winter Wood 6.50/0.50 228.6

Product code PVV0067
Decor  Winter Wood
Composition SPC – Stone Plastic Composite
Warranty 23/32/41 (Domestic/ Comercial/ Industrial)
Profile Click
Wear layer 0.50 mm
Thickness 6.50 mm
Width 228.6 mm
Length 1524 mm
Quantity per box 1.742 m2


Origin  Asia
Reaction to fire Bfl-s1
Slip resistence (USRV) Classe DS
Resistance to Wear T
Residual Indentation 0.06 mm
Dimensional Stability 0.013 inch/ft
Heat Transmission (W/mK) Approx. 0.105 (W/mK)
Sound absorption on impact Approx. ∆Lw 19dB


EN 660-1:1999/A1:2003 – Resilient floor coverings; Determination of wear resistance; Part 1: Stuttgart test;
NP EN ISO 10582:2018 – Resilient floor coverings; Heterogeneous poly(vinyl chloride) floor covering; Specifications (ISO 10582:2017);
EN ISO 24346:2012 – Resilient floor coverings; Determination of overall thickness (ISO 24346:2006);
EN ISO 24340:2012 – Resilient floor coverings; Determination of thickness of layers (ISO 24340:2006);
EN ISO 24343-1:2012 – Resilient and laminate floor coverings; Determination of indentation and residual indentation; Part 1: Residual indentation (ISO 24343-1:2007);
NP EN 13501-1:2018 – Fire classification of construction products and building elements; Part 1: Classification using data from reaction to fire tests
NP EN 13893:2003 – Resilient, laminate and textile floor coverings; Measurement of dynamic coefficient of friction on dry floor surfaces;
NP EN 12667:2012 – Thermal performance of building materials and products; Determination of thermal resistance by means of guarded hot plate and heat flow meter methods; Products of high and medium thermal resistance
NP EN ISO 23999:2018 – Resilient floor coverings; Determination of dimensional stability and curling after exposure to heat (ISO 23999:2018);
Global maximum thickness (mm)  EN ISO 24346:2012 6.5
Wear layer thickness (mm) EN ISO 24340:2012  0.5
Fire reaction class EN 14342:2013  Bfl – sI
Emission (release) class of formaldehyde EN 717-3:1996   Classe EI
Slip resistance (USRV) Classe DS
Thermal conductivity (W/mK) CEN TS 15676  0.105


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