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JATOBÁ 19/3 131 Smooth Laccquer


Ecoflooring stands for the best in sustainable solutions working with exotic woods as Tauri, Jatobá,  to Bamboo and others. An excellent option with premium coating and smooth finishes, give a small touch of south america to your project. Recommended for interior flooring, nonstructural use, with decorative purposes.

Sustainable Manufacture


Reference: PVM0407

Designation: JATOBÁ 19/3 131 Smooth Laccquer

Product code PVM0407
Specie Jatobá
Cientific name Hymenaea courbaril L
Density 800 kg/m3
Moisture content 8±2%
Construction SOLID Core
Finish UV Lacquer
Surface Smoth
Profile T&G
Top layer Approx. 3 mm
Thickness 14 mm
Width 131 mm
Length 300-2200 mm
Quanttity per box 2,31 m2


Origin Brasil
Hardness Monnin Approx. 13.1 (mm-1)
Formaldehyde Emission Classe EI
Reaction to fire Dfl – sI
Heat transmission Approx. 0,1334 (W/mK)
Risk class Classe I
Grading criteria**


NP EN 335:2018 Durability of wood and wood-based products; Use classes: definitions, application to solid wood and wood-based products;
NP EN 350:2016 Durability of wood and wood-based products; Testing and classification of the durability to biological agents of wood and wood-based materials;
EN 1310 Round and sawn timber – Method of measurement of features.
EN 1910 Wood and parquet flooring and wood paneling and cladding. Determination of dimensional stability;
EN 13489:2017 Wood-flooring and parquet; Multi-layer parquet elements;
EN 13756:2018 Wood flooring and parquet; Terminology;
EN 13226:2009 Wood flooring – Solid wood parquet elements with grooves and/or tongues;
EN 14342:2013 Wood flooring – Characteristics, evaluation of conformity and Marking.
Minimum average density of wood (kg/m3) 800±30
Minimum overall thickness (mm) 12
Fire reaction class: EN 14342:2013 Dfl-sI
Formaldehyde emission (release) class:  EN 14342:2013  Classe EI
Thermal conductivity (W/mK): EN 14342:2013 0.1381
Slip resistance (USRV): CEN TS 15676 DND*
Biological Durability: EN 350: 2016  1 D D S
Risk class: EN 335: 2018    Classe I


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